The Melbourne Smile Clinic is an NSQHS Accredited dental practice

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In our commitment to providing a high standard in health care, the Melbourne Smile Clinic has gone through a rigorous process to be an accredited dental practice.

As an accredited practice, the Melbourne Smile Clinic has been demonstrated as complying with the NSQHS (National Safety and Quality Health Service) Standards. These standards have been developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), in consultation and collaboration with jurisdictions, technical experts, health professionals and consumers.

The primary aims of the NSQHS standards are to protect the public from harm and improve quality of health service provision.  

As an accredited practice, the Melbourne Smile Clinic has quality assurance mechanisms and relevant systems in place to ensure that standards of safety and quality are met.  We are dedicated to the provision of a high standard of practice and care being delivered to our patients.

More information about the NSQHS Standards can be obtained here:

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